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7/14/2009 05:03:00 PM

English Language IDIOM

Posted by snid73

During making translation from Englsih to Malay, I had found some idioms. Below are the example of English idioms:

English IdiomsTranslation to Malay
dead in the watertidak sebarang peluang untuk berjaya
blow someone or something out of the watermemeranjatkan seseorang
come up against a blank wallmenemui kebuntuan
the boot is on the other foot / legsekarang sudah terbalik kot
keep something under one’s hatmerahsiakan sesuatu
off the beaten path
tidak terkenal atau popular kepada orang ramai
a feeling in the pit of his/her stomach
perasaan naluri
after my own heart
yang saya idamkan
all walks of life
semua golongan profesion, gaya hidup atau sosial
turned on the heel
under the heel of
di bawah cengkaman / ditindas oleh
burn one's bridge
mengambil tindakan yang tidak membolehkan seseorang berpatah balik

I will list out more idioms when I found it
Is somebody have idioms to be share with me?


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